laced bodies

Object Design

             Furniture project in collaboration with müsing–sellés.
Laced Bodies takes inspiration from the human figure and the formal language of coupling limbs. It investigates the materi-al behavior of glass when it is bent and wrapped in order to mimic the human body. The deformations of the glass have a resemblance to linking body parts, such as laced fingers, crossed legs, and twisting arms. Each work consists of a pair of two vessels; the folds and bends of one glass limb is re-flected on its couple, fully embracing its partner. Each vessel is made bespoke, making each pairing unique.

Working in glass blowing involves a choreography between two blowers. There is a reliance on one maker to predeter-mine the steps of the other in order to keep the glass from breaking This dance is embedded within the design.
The technique also allows for more fluid shapes and folds; it is unclear how the bends will turn out every time. This reliance on material performance makes the design of each pairing unique in character and form. The glass is molded by hand to create the soft fluid bends. The glass limbs are blown indi-vidually, once cooled they are assembled together to match pairings.

**Presented at Nomad Circle Venice (Italy)
**Displayed at Rosie’s Party (London), Fabula Gallery (Russia)