baths of tuscolano

Architectural studio project
University of Waterloo, studio 4A Rome Term led by Lorenzo Pignatti
Project done in collaboration with Stephen Ru.

            The Baths of Tuscolano addresses the need for integrating incoming refugees into existing local conditions in the district of Tuscolano, Rome. By framing existing spheres of social interaction on the site, the building addresses already successful communal realms and by using the program of a bath complex drives a new social engaging element into the dense urban fabric of Tuscolano.
            Taking cues from the baths of antiquity, main programmatic elements are centered around the use of water as a mechanism for healing, cleansing and recreation. Water in the form of baths and pools brings together a diverse range of peoples across class and race to designate a new locus within Tuscolano. The building seeks to maintain the public ground plane while implementing new residents above, allowing the site to still maintain its public nature.

** Illustration awarded ASAI Award of Distinction