Personal Space

digital mimicry, pompei frescoes


laced bodies
summer 2019

fruity furniture

sausage chair, set no. 6
spring 2019

enso enclosure
summer 2017

floating weeds
winter 2022

baths of tuscolano
fall 2016

bosch pants
spring 2022

Marisa Müsing

pomelo poof
winter 2020

pau pau & gong gong’s living room

aeri go land
fall 2022

laced bodies, glasswork
summer 2019

bowtie scarf
spring 2022

floral spring, digital artwork
summer 2020

proteus moves
fall 2016

cocktail table, set no.5
spring 2018

squiggle babies
winter 2022

creatures of quarantine
spring 2020

infill house
fall 2016