female’s gaze

Architectural Masters thesis
Royal College of Art, media studies studio

               My project entitled, The Female’s Gaze, re-volves around my personal experiences of vulnerability and discomfort with male con-frontations in public spaces. I have, as many women have, gone through several experiences in my life where I was approached by different men and had to interact with them as they try to get my number, feel me up or provoke me in some way, and feeling completely out of control in the situation. As a political piece I want the series to reflect on the attention
of the male gaze in public society and how women are constantly being personally affect-ed by these encounters. The project follows five personal stories of five different men who have confronted me in the past, the pigmentation of each resin cast relates to the memory of the man, the city, the time of day, the interaction and the outcome of the interaction. By work-ing with resin these fleeting and infinitesimal moments are solidified in time and captures my experiences with them to try to provoke and promote others to gain awareness of this demoralizing act in society.