fruity furniture

Furniture Design

             Fruity furniture, inspired by the flavourful fanciful world of fruit, these fun furniture objects allow us to live a bit more playfully.

            The Fruit Babies are an expression of character and whimsy for the pieces we carry in our lives. These ‘furni-ture’ objects are inspired by the artist Fernando Botero’s paintings of fruit, which are extremely rotuned and humorous for their stature. De-signed as small seats of varying pro-portions, the fruit collection allows us to live out childhood dreams of having food as big as our bodies, and bean bag chairs for all our furniture. The pieces are made of foam, and cov-ered in custom made fabrics, with varying interweaving colour schemes. The fruit pack is a series of fun seat-ing and lounge pieces to brighten your home space. The collection includes a pear (tall), green apple, plum, peach and berry.