infill house

Architectural studio project
University of Waterloo, studio 4A Rome Term led by Lorenzo Pignatti
Grafting a house onto the aquaducts of rome using the method of kintsugi to rebuild the broken down ruins.

            Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese ceramic technique for repairing broken vessels by filling the cracks with gold laquer. Philosophically, it treats the breaks and repairs as part of the object’s history and a beautiful element to highlight in the ceramic rather than something to disguise.
            The ancient aquaducts in Parco Torre del Fiscale in Rome are more or less fragmented parts of what originally stood. The concept of kintsugi drove my idea for a dwelling in the aquaducts. The two fragments of the aquaduct are built back together again with a concrete encasement, filling the areas where the aquaduct has been broken down and dismantled. The dwelling itself is encased within the new concrete addition.