proteus moves

Architectural studio project
University of Waterloo, studio 3B led by Derek Revington

            Creating a politically charged architectural environment inspired by a great force of nature. 
            The studio explores the art of architecture imagined through space, time and motion and conceived through the act of making. By beginning with a video of a great force of nature, I conceived a spatial composition through model making, vignette renderings and writing that exude the same charged energy and motion which I found extremely powerful in the video. The architecture I derived from these studies became a gallery/studio for artists in exile. Communal living quarters and open studio spaces are designed for artists to actively engage in conversation and discussion in both formal and informal contexts. The building is charged for people to contemplate and dispute ideas through the medias of art, sculpture and performance.

**Drawing awarded ASAI Award of Distinction, & Jareck Bieda Juror’s Award of Merit